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IGNOU 2023 Indira Gandhi National Open University (ignou.ac.in)

Everyone has the right to study : Indira Gandhi National Open University was started with this objective by the Parliament Act of 1985 under the Human Development and Resource Industry. It is one of the biggest Open Universities in India that has given a chance to every individual to fulfill their dream of study. Any individual from any background with a dream, to study can study at IGNOU.

IGNOU Overview

The Indira Gandhi National Open University, also known as IGNOU, is a leader in open education and has revolutionized how accessible education is. IGNOU, which was founded with the goal of democratizing education, has changed the lives of innumerable students all over the world. We explore the inner elements of IGNOU’s distinctive learning methodology, its academic offerings, admissions procedure, student experiences, and its global effect in this extensive guide.

Strenth of IGNOU

IGNOU University is spread all over India as well as in many other countries. It is known as the biggest university in terms of distance education. Many Support Centers, Regional Centers & Studies Schools across the country make IGNOU even more comprehensive.

Operating AreasCounting Numbers
School of Studies21
Learing Support Center2667
Regional Centers67
Faculty Member810
Academic Staff574
Overseas Partner29

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IGNOU Purpose

IGNOU was established with certain objectives. It has given a platform to anyone who dreams to study. Its objectives are:

  • Give an equal and just chance to a person from any background to study.
  • No discrimination based on caste or gender.
  • Latest technologies are used for imparting education. 
  • Technologies and methods used for teaching are the latest while the fee charged is very minimum.]
  • Open learning is prompted for the ease of every individual.

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Strength of Students 

The time flexibility and affordable fees have made IGNOU one of the biggest open universities in the world. It has been due to its variable structure that more than four million students have enrolled in different courses at IGNOU. The University is not only limited to India, with its openness, it has given scope and chance to everyone from India and students from out of India to study at their ease.

Lectures and Classes

It delivers its lecture through either the open system or distance learning. Both these forms have made the sector of education for each of the individuals to pursue. The university has many study centers. It has classes on Saturday and Sunday and that makes it easy for many of the working professionals who want to pursue their studies. The openness excellent study material and expert teachers have attracted students from all over the world. Year after year there has been a constant increase in the number of students enrolling for different courses in the University.

Admission of IGNOU

The admission to IGNOU is very simple. Any person can do as many courses as he wishes to learn. The process of admission is very simple. IGNOU Admission to the university can be achieved in any of the three ways. They are:

  • Direct Admission
  • Entrance Examination
  • Merit List

Many of the courses are open to the students for direct admission. But some courses demand students to pass the entrance exam to get entry into that particular course. For entrance into courses like B.Ed., Open Mat, and Ph D. the students have to pass the exams. While in some course’s entry is granted to students after their name appears in the merit list. 

IGNOU MBA Admission 2023IGNOU PGDCA Admission 2023
IGNOU Ph.D Admission 2023IGNOU B.Sc Nursing Admission 2023
IGNOU B.ED Admission 2023IGNOU NTT Admission 2023

The admission form can either be online or offline. Online forms can be downloaded from the official website and then can be filled and submitted. Whereas the candidate can even go to the regional office and get the admission form and fill it. Online form filling will be helpful to you and make the process very easy for you.

Method of Admission for the New students

The following steps need to be followed by the new students. 

  • Go to the official website ignou.ac.in. 
  • On the IGNOU official website press the tab of new Register Online and then move on to the admission link.
  • Fill your details on the next page.
  • After putting in the information click the submit button.
  • You are ready for registration, now you are ready to log in and then begin to fill in the application form for the selected course you want to enroll for.
  • Upload the documents in the scanned format asked in the form. 
  • Then proceed with the payment of the admission fee. The admission may be between rupees 200 to 400. 
  • Then you will receive the control number, once the payment has been completed.

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List and fees of the courses in IGNOU

  • There are many courses offered in different areas by the university. There are Diploma courses, bachelor’s Courses, and Masters’s and Ph. D courses that are offered in various fields. 
  • The fees for the courses are very nominal. The fees for the course offered as per course. There are even scholarships offered to the students. 
  • IGNOU intentionally makes a very good career option for the students who get enrolled here. It promises to make the career of the students wonderful. 

Courses available at IGNOU

IGNOU is a university that selects to make the need of studies for every individual be fulfilled. It is a university that does not offer only the old courses. The university updates itself on every step. New courses according to the requirement and the development of the industry are offered by the university. The courses are updated according to the change in the industries. The quality of the course is maintained and a student can get a certificate for various courses. The courses offered are Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree, advanced and PH. D degree courses and many other courses are offered.

The list of the subjects offered are

  • Graduate Course
  • Post Graduate Courses
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses
  • Doctoral Degree courses
  • Certificate Courses
  • Non-credit Programmes
  • Appreciation Programmes
  • Awareness Programmes

New Courses Launched by IGNOU

The new courses launched by IGNOU in the academic year of 2023-24. These courses are according to the trend of today’s youth demand and the economic demand of the market. The courses are intended to increase the areas of individuals to get jobs. Nowadays the youth is more interested in learning new languages. These courses are:

  • Certificate Course in Tourism Industries
  • Certificate Course in the Russian Language
  • Certificate Course in the Arabic Language
  • Apart from it, the courses such as the following have already been introduced. They are:
  • MA in Journalism Mass Communication
  • BBA Service Management

These courses come as a help to the students who intend for a full-time career in these fields. 

Eligibility Criteria for Admission to IGNOU

Admission to various courses in IGNOU needs at least the candidate should have passed the 10+2 class. The courses are open to anyone above the age of 18 in many of the cases but in some of them that age criteria is also not demanded. The time duration of the various courses offered at IGNOU is from six months to 2 years.

Scholarship Programmes of IGNOU

The aim of IGNOU being all should be educated. IGNOU helps students with scholarship programs. The students who are not able to give fees for courses in are helped by giving them IGNOU Scholarships. But the fees of IGNOU are quite less but still the students are helped with the scholarship program. The people who are really in need of scholarship and the ones who are disabled can fill out the form and give exams and gains scholarship.

Who cannot take a Scholarship

The following people cannot apply for the scholarship program:

  • SC/ST students who are already doing some job or are employed.
  • Certificate and diploma students
  • Students having scholarships under any other program

The candidates who can apply for the scholarship program are:

  • Indian students can only apply for the scholarship.
  • Candidate’s parents should have an income less than or equal to 3 lakhs per annum.

The form for the scholarship program should be filled out by the candidate. All the process is online. Every year the candidate needs to re-register for applying for the scholarship program.

Exam Pattern of IGNOU

IGNOU in its exam pattern not only focuses on theoretical but also on the real understanding of the course by the candidates. It examines the students through the written paper as well the exam is also taken through assignments. The assignments are the place where the students can get marks. The student needs to submit assignments once a year. Out of 100 marks, 30 percent marks are assigned to the assignments.

This gives a chance to the students to score good marks and improve their results. Assignments are important also, if the candidate fails the assignment, then he cannot clear the course. But it is a very important; part of the examination pattern adopted by the University.

Facilities for the Students of IGNOU

The following facilities are available for the students of IGNOU

Study resource: IGNOU provides excellent study notes to the students. The study material is self-sufficient in itself. The material is even useful for students in the case they are preparing for any civil or government exams.  

Placement Drive: The IGNOU does not leave its students without support. Students get full support from the Placement Cell of IGNOU. This helps in a brighter future for the students.

Library: Every regional center of IGNOU has a library. The library is rich in exclusive and rare books. All the students can use the library of IGNOU.

Upgradation of Course: The course at IGNOU is upgraded keeping in mind the development in the courses. None of the courses is old or outdated. All the courses are updated according to the latest trends of the courses.

Expert Faculty: Apart from the courses, the teachers of IGNOU are also experts. Each of the faculty is an expert in the subject and from delivery of lectures is done appropriately using modern as well as traditional methods. 

Solution of the problems of the students

If the students have problems or questions then they can approach the experts. A separate unit in the IGNOU solves all the problems of the students. 

So, a university that offers solutions to the needs of the career of various students not only in India but abroad also. 


1. Can the certificate obtained from IGNOU help in getting a job at a respectable place

Yes, the certificate from IGNOU is recognizable and one can get a respectable job.

2. Does IGNOU have a laboratory for practical papers

Yes, IGNOU has a laboratory for practical papers.

3. Who runs IGNOU University

IGNOU University is a public university run by Central Government. 

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