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How to write IGNOU Assignment, Cover Page and Answers

How to write IGNOU Assignment, Cover Page and Assignment Answers. The assignment is a very integral part of the course at IGNOU.

How to write IGNOU Assignment Front Page : The assignment is a very integral part of the course at IGNOU. The candidate has to solve the assignment and submit it. If the candidate fails to do it then he may have to face the problem of being not able to give the exam. An assignment is mandatory as the TEE exams. They carry a minimum of 40% marks and help the students to score well in the exams.

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How to write the IGNOU Assignment First Page

‘Making a plan without the right tools is like making spaghetti without a pot’

Write IGNOU Assignment : This saying goes appropriately with the writing of assignments for IGNOU courses. Panning is an important part of the assignment writing work. The first step of planning is to read the assignment properly. Each section of the assignment has to be read carefully and planning has to be made. Planning along with each section of the assignment would lead to the making of such a project of yours which would never be rejected.

How to write the IGNOU Assignment

How to write IGNOU Assignment Cover/ Front Page

How to write IGNOU Assignment First Page: The cover page or the front page is an important part of the assignment. The cover page gives the idea to the evaluator to understand what the project is about and what he can expect to be there inside the project. How to write IGNOU front page is an important task. The front page should be good and convey the idea of the content inside. This is the first step toward scoring good marks in the assignment.

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*The cover page should be decorated and written in neat writing.

*Details on the Front Page or Cover Page of the IGNOU Assignment

The cover page or the front page of the assignment of IGNOU should contain the following list of contents. All the fields that are given below should be written on the front page.

How to write IGNOU Assignment Front Page
Programme Full Name………………………….
Course Code………………………….
Course Title………………………….
Assignment Code………………………….
Study Centre………………………….
Session Month and Year………………………….
Mobile Number………………………….
Enrolment Number………………………….
Student Name………………………….
Residence Address………………………….

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How to write IGNOU Assignment Answer

The answers to the questions should be written in the candidate’s own words. No copying of the items should be there. Reference can be taken but the answer should be framed in the candidate’s own words.

The answers written by the candidates should have an introduction. A good, small and crisp introduction needs to be given. The introduction should be followed by the main answer. The answer should be written in points. The answer should have bullet points and they should be elaborated on later on in the answer. The answers should be supported by examples and they should be three to four. The conclusion statement should be there at the end of the answer.

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How to write IGNOU Assignment 2024

The file of the assignment should be neat and the handwriting should be clear. The following points need to be followed at the time of writing the IGNOU assignment.

  • Point 1: Candidates should use only A4 size papers or foolscap size papers to write their assignments. Thin sheets of paper should be avoided.
  • Point 2: For writing the assignments ruled paper should be used instead of blank paper to write the assignments. Coloured papers are not allowed in the assignments.
  • Point 3: The candidates need to write the assignments instead of printed assignments. Printed assignments are not accepted in IGNOU.
  • Point 4: The handwriting of the project should be neat, and clear. It should be written by a blue or black ball pen.
  • Point 5: Candidates cannot use any other pen or red pens for writing the projects.
  • Point 6. Better handwriting helps the candidate in getting more marks.
  • Point 7: Answers written by the candidates should be on their own. The answers cannot be copied from any book or website. If this is done then the candidate would lose his marks.
  • Point 8: After each answer, the candidate needs to leave two to three lines so that the evaluator can put down his remarks or comments in that area.
  • Point 9: Uniqueness of the assignment should be maintained by the candidates.  The assignment cannot be copied from any student. if this is done then the candidate might lose his marks and his assignment would be rejected by the authorities.
  • Point 10: Assignments for different sets should be written separately. They should not be written together.
  • Point 11. Questions should be written down before writing the answers. Doing this will prevent you from attaching the printout of the question paper. This will make your project a nice one.
  • Point 12. Your assignments should be arranged properly in a paper file. All assignments should be maintained properly in the paper file.
  • Point 13. The completed assignments should be submitted to the coordinator of the allotted study centre. The ctandidate cannot send his assignment to any other study centre or regional centre or evaluation division centre.
  • Point 14. In the case of the present situation of Coronavirus online assignments are accepted otherwise the candidate has to go themselves to the study centre to submit the assignment.
  • Point 15. The candidate should not forget to receive the receipt for the submission of his/her assignments.
  • Point 16. The coordinator always sends an acknowledgment to the study centre after receiving the assignment.
  • Point 17. If any of the candidates applied to change the study centre then the assignment should be sent to the original study centre if you do not receive the confirmation letter from the university. If the candidate receives the confirmation letter of the change in the study centre then the assignment should be submitted at the new centre.

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How to submit IGNOU assignment Quora

The candidate should download the latest assignment from the IGNOU website and then try to complete the assignment on time. The candidate has to go to the centre for submitting the assignment. For preparing the assignments help can be taken from the textbooks and they should be submitted on time.

How to write IGNOU application for assignment

A candidate when after submitting the assignment is not able to see the marks of his projects being updated on the IGNOU website. The candidate can either visit the study centre, and meet the coordinator with the receipt of the assignment submission. If your queries do not get solved at the study centre then you need to write a letter to ‘The Regional Director’ stating your problem regarding the marks not being updated on the website.

IGNOU solved assignments should be written neatly on a plane or a ruled sheet so that you can get good marks.

Can a candidate submit the typed or printed assignments

No, the candidate cannot submit the typed or printed assignments as they are not considered valid.

Is it compulsory for the candidates to submit the IGNOU assignments

Yes, it is compulsory. If the candidate doesn’t submit his/her assignment he would not be allowed to sit in the TEE exam.

Can IGNOU textbooks from eGyankosh be downloaded by candidates who have not enrolled for any course at IGNOU

Any person from the world whether a student of IGNOU or not can download the books from the IGNOU eGyankosh.

Does IGNOU give any rebate in fees to the students who opt for books from eGyankosh of IGNOU

Yes, IGNOU gives a 15% rebate on the fees of the books to the candidates who select to download books from eGyankosh of IGNOU

What things are to be written on the front page of the IGNOU assignment

The things that need to be written on the front page or the cover page are as under:
1. Programme Full Name
2. Course Code
3. Course Title
4. Assignment Code
5. Study Centre
6. Session Month and Year
7. Mobile Number
8. Enrolment Number
9. Student Name
10. Residence Address
11. Signature
12. Date

Can coloured papers be used for writing IGNOU assignments

No, coloured papers cannot be used for writing IGNOU assignments.

Where and how to submit the assignments of IGNOU

The candidate needs to go to the IGNOU study centre to submit his assignment.

Are there any assignment answers to be written in the IGNOU assignment

Yes, assignment questions that are asked in the assignment need to be answered in the IGNOU assignment.

how to write IGNOU assignment

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