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How To Find IGNOU Enrollment Number in 2024

If you are an IGNOU student and your enrollment number is lost, then rest assured, you can check the process of How To Find IGNOU Enrollment Number from here.

Indira Gandhi National Open University is an open and the biggest university in India. The students who are working or are interested in higher studies are very enthusiastic to join IGNOU University as the students. Many types of options are available to the students by the university.

IGNOU 2024 Overview

Name of UniversityThe Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Name of Programmes All Program
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IGNOU Websiteignou.ac.in
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What is The Enrollment Number

The Enrolment Number is the number that satisfies the eagerness of the students. After filling in the IGNOU admission form, the wait for the students starts. This wait of the students is satisfied by the IGNOU Enrolment Number. If the student gets the admission, then he gets his Enrolment number. So now he or she will be eligible to complete his desired course at IGNOU University.

What is the IGNOU Enrolment Number

The IGNOU Enrolment Number is a 10-digit number found on the Admission Confirmation Letter and IGNOU Identity Card. It is an important number that will be useful for you for further any type of communication with the University.   

How To Find IGNOU Enrollment Number

The students need to calculate the percentage by getting the marks of both the assignment and the Term End exams. To make the percentage calculation easy for the students the example has been given below.

Normally if the student’s admission is confirmed then he gets the letter at home. This letter of confirmation of admission to the course selected by us also contains the unique Enrollment Number. If the student is not able to get the admission confirmation letter then the student can check the IGNOU Admission Status and get the enrolment number online. The steps to be followed to get the Enrolment number is

  • Step 1: Go to ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in
  • Step 2: Then it will open a window Registered User Login opens. 
  • Step 3: There you have to fill in the registered user name and then enter the password and then the captcha. 
  • Step 4: After that fill in the submit button. Then you are taken to a new window. 
  • Step 5: A new page opens and there you will see your details as the Control Number and then the Enrolment details and the other numbers. If the enrolment number is not shown then you have to wait and after your admission gets confirmed you can get your Enrolment number from this site. 

If the Student does not know his registered user name, he will have to wait. The student will get the confirmation of admission mail on his email ID. In this mail, you will get your enrolment number.

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Why is the IGNOU Enrolment Number Important

IGNOU Enrolment Number is very important. The following are the points where the Enrolment Number can be used and is important.

  • The enrolment number is important as it is the password for getting the Identity Card.
  • For any sort of Communication with the IGNOU Enrolment Number is very important.
  • To IGNOU Project Submit the student has to mention the enrollment number at the end of the semester.
  • At the time of registering for the term-end Examinations in IGNOU the enrolment number becomes important. It helps to get the proper desired examination centre and a proper relationship between your student’s exam scores with the student’s profile.
  • When the student goes to the IGNOU Centre to get their books at that time the student needs to give the Enrolment number. This number helps the institute to give the books to the appropriate candidates.
  • The candidates can access the materials of IGNOU through an online portal. This material can be accessed through eGyanKosh. But for accessing the resources from the online portal the Enrolment Number needs to be entered.
  • When the results are released after the term-end examination at that time the student needs to enter the Enrolment number to connect the examination scores to your student profile.
  • While going to the IGNOU Centre with any queries regarding any of the parts of your studies need your Enrolment number. This makes the process easy. 

So the Enrolment number is your identity at IGNOU University. 

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From where can I get the Enrolment Number if cannot access it on the site

If you are not able to access the site then you will get your Enrolment number in the email that will come from the IGNOU University confirming your admission. You can even go to the Regional Office and from there also you can get it.

What happens if a student forgets his Enrolment number

The student can access the IGNOU official address and from there can get it through the confirmation letter through the IGNOU Student Portal or the Identity Card or can get it from the Regional Office.

Is the Enrolment number important at the time of accessing online study material

Yes, it is important at the time of accessing online study material.

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