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IGNOU e Gyankosh 2024 Benefits of Digital Material from eGyankosh

IGNOU has developed the IGNOU e Gyankosh platform in the interest of the students, where study digital material is stored, indexed, protected, distributed and shared.

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the candidates to continue their studies without any interruption IGNOU e Gyankosh a National Digital Repository.

Name of UniversityIndra Gandhi National Open University
SubjectIGNOU eGyankosh
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IGNOU Websiteignou.ac.in
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What is e Gyankosh

IGNOU e Gyankosh is a platform developed by IGNOU where the study materials are stored, indexed, preserved, distributed, and shared.

Egyankosh has been developed by IGNOU to provide its students who have enrolled under the Open and Distance Learning Institution.

So, every student who has opted for the studies at IGNOU, can refer to the study materials provided by eGyankosh.

The Digital library makes learning easy for the candidates of IGNOU. All the study materials for all the different courses offered by the IGNOU University are available for the candidates. So, a place for the candidates to search for their course, select it and start downloading the ebooks free of cost from the website.

IGNOU University sends the printed study materials to the IGNOU candidates. These printed copies are sent by the university to the candidates after they have taken admission. The fee for the books is included in the admission fee. There are chances that it may take some time to deliver the books to the candidates. Sometimes even delivery to the address of the candidate’s address may take a longer time. This can affect the study of the candidates. To help the candidates and they don’t face any harm so the IGNOU University has started the eGyankosh library for the candidates.

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How is this digital material from IGNOU e Gyankosh helpful

Digital study materials are helpful to the candidates as they don’t have to depend on printed or hard books.

It becomes easy for the candidates to read the books and prepare from them from anywhere. It makes it easy for the candidates to prepare for the exams or reading can be done at the time of even traveling.

It even gives the candidate an option to opt for the soft copy of study materials if they are not interested to get the printed material from IGNOU if they don’t want to use online books and make things easy and comfortable.

This helps in saving the time of the candidate and they can have their regular studies without wasting time.

Procedure to download IGNOU Study Material

The procedure to download the IGNOU study material is

  • Step1: Go to the eGyankosh tab of IGNOU.
  • Step 2. Search the course for which you have enrolled.
  • Step3: Press the button download.

In this way easily the candidate can Download Assignment for the current and upcoming session examinations.

Benefits of IGNOU Digital Material from eGyankosh

At the time of admission, the candidate needs to pay the admission fees along with-it fees for the books are also to be deposited. To promote the candidates to use the digital study material IGNOU has started offering a 15% fee discount to the candidates who select the soft copy of the digital books of IGNOU study material.

Candidates are offered a 15% refund of admission fees to their bank account after the selection of a soft copy or digital study material as an option. So, it’s beneficial for the candidates.

People who can download the IGNOU Study Materials

IGNOU has made the eGyankosh open for anyone in the world. IGNOU Study Material is not only limited to the candidates involved in the studies at the IGNOU university. Anyone from the world can download the material and can be used by them. IGNOU courses are downloaded by candidates for the preparation for Indian Government exams such as the UPSC, GPSC, etc.

Is the material on eGyankosh updated

IGNOU keeps a continuous check and always updates eGyankosh with the latest material and changed material any of the courses. If any new course is launched by the IGNOU university the material about it is also regularly updated on eGyankosh.

Trust on eGyankosh

The site is regularly updated and it is used by not only the candidates of the the IGNOU university but is also used by the candidates not registered under the IGNOU courses. This site even is helpful for the candidates appearing for the competitive exams not only in India but also outside India.

eGyankosh the updated site with the latest material of IGNOU material section. Generally, all the materials related to the courses with the latest changes are easily available for the candidates.

IGNOU e Gyankosh
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Do the candidates have to pay any amount for downloading books from eGyankosh of IGNOU

No, the candidates don’t have to pay any amount for downloading books from eGyankosh.

At eGyankosh of IGNOU in which format are the books available

Books are available in pdf format at the eGyankosh

Can IGNOU textbooks from eGyankosh be downloaded by candidates who have not enrolled for any course at IGNOU

Any person from the world whether a student of IGNOU or not can download the books from the IGNOU eGyankosh.

Does IGNOU give any rebate in fees to the students who opt for books from eGyankosh of IGNOU

Yes, IGNOU gives a 15% rebate on the fees of the books to the candidates who select to download books from eGyankosh of IGNOU

How can a candidate download the books from eGyankosh of IGNOU

The procedure to download the IGNOU study material is
Step1: Go to the eGyankosh tab of IGNOU.
Step 2. Search the course for which you have enrolled.
Step3: Press the button download.
In this way easily the candidate can download the assignment for the current and upcoming session examination.

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