IGNOU Syllabus 2022 Latest and Revised Exam Pattern

IGNOU Syllabus 2022

IGNOU Syllabus 2022 Latest and Revised Exam Pattern, and IGNOU OPENNET Program structure is available in English and Hindi languages for current session.


IGNOU is a recognized open university that offers a plethora of courses, from where the students can choose and go ahead in their career. At present, IGNOU offers 250+ courses to students across the globe, over 20 nations.

The courses offered at IGNOU are very beneficial and pertinent to achieving the goals in today’s world and getting maximum career benefits. The courses range from Engineering, Law Management, Public Health, to Nursing and Research.

Key Point of IGNOU Syllabus 2022

Name of UniversityThe Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Name of Programmes All UG / PG Courses
Language of SyllabusHindi & English
Valid ForCurrent Session

IGNOU Exam Pattern and Syllabus 2022

IGNOU Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2022 : IGNOU keeps on updating its syllabus from time to time to be at par with modern times and to suit modern technology, and requirements.

IGNOU has its own set of exam patterns and syllabus which are different from the rest. IGNOU exam pattern 2022 includes an exam of 100 points is allowed 3 hours to complete, while a 50 points exam takes 2 hours for completion. The theoretical exam carries 70% of the total and assignments carry 30%.

IGNOU Syllabus 2022 is the same as 2021, not much change has been implemented.

IGNOU Exam Pattern forNo. of Semesters
MA/ M.Com.No semester, only an annual exam in July or December.
MA in Sociology4 semesters, duration of 2 years
MBA4 semester, 2-year course
M.Sc.2-year course in different fields

IGNOU Latest Programmes Recognized

IGNOU Syllabus 2022 Exam Pattern Latest IGNOU Programme : IGNOU is especially recognized for its Online programs, Non-credit programs. The main course programs which include Doctoral Degrees, M.Phil. programs, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, and many others carry an important place and carry weight.

IGNOU Syllabus 2022 – Piece of Advice for the Students

IGNOU Exam Pattern 2022 : Before enrolling in a particular course, it is advised to the students to go through the syllabus, information related to each course, and whether it is suitable for them to pursue the course.

To provide adequate information to its students IGNOU uploads the syllabus structure of all its available programs on their portal. In the portal, the students attain every information related to any program. It also helps them to plan, learn, utilize their study materials accordingly and can study according to the syllabus. The syllabus structure of IGNOU is very comprehensible and is revised at regular intervals

IGNOU Syllabus for BCA Program and Exam Structure

IGNOU BCA Program Syllabus : Among several other programs, IGNOU BCA Program is very much in demand. IGNOU has introduced a credit system in its new BCA syllabus, where each course is given adequate credit. The credit system is beneficial for course selection during admission and also for re-registration.

BCA candidates have to select their needed credit courses at each semester or every year for completion of their program the Computer Applications program.

IGNOU distributes Study Material books to all students who enroll in any of the university’s programmes. IGNOU will deliver books to your door if you choose books or offline study material. Students can also get their study materials from an IGNOU regional study centre

IGNOU Syllabus 2022 for BCA Programme:

In the BCA course, some are compulsory and some are optional courses. It is divided into two semesters per year, from January to June and from Jul Programmer. It is a 3- 4 years program depending upon the University programme subjects covered in the programme are:

Fundamentals of Computers, C programming Operating Systems, Multimedia, Organizational behavior, Data and Database management, Web-based application development, Computer Lab and practical assignments.

IGNOU Current BCA Syllabus :

The current IGNOU BCA Syllabus in the first semester includes:

  • Foundation Course in English- 2, carrying 4 credits.
  • Business Organization with 4 credits.
  • Computer Basics and PC software carry 3 credits.
  • Mathematics has 4 credits.
  • Computer Basics and PC Software Lab have 2 credits.

The second semester of the IGNOU BCA Program includes:

  • Accountancy- 1 with 4 credits.
  • Problem-solving and Programming carrying 3 credits.
  • Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming carry 4 credits.
  • Communication skills with 2 credits.
  • Discrete Mathematics with 2 credits.
  • C Language Programming Lab has 1 credit.
  • Assembly Language Programming Lab also contains 1 credit.

There are four more semesters, a total of six semesters that a student has to complete.

IGNOU MCA Program, Structure, and Syllabus

IGNOU MCA Syllabus 2022 : The IGNOU MCA Program is very resourceful and very much in demand. Like the BCA program, MCA also is credit-based, where the students can choose according to their required credits and here also some are compulsory while some are optional courses.

MCA is provided into six semesters, which is based on classroom lectures, practical and project work. It is a two-year course.

The First semester of the IGNOU MCA Program, includes:

Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Software Engineering, Professional Skills, and others carrying 4 credits each. The other semester includes a varied range of subjects.

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The IGNOU Syllabus 2022, for the following subjects are as follows:

IGNOU SyllabusSubjects included
BA First yearSecretarial practice, Human environment, Modern India (1857- 1964),
India: Earliest Times to 8th Century AD.
MA EconomicsPublic finance, public revenue, federal, finance and more
MA EnglishContemporary Indian Literature, Comparative Literature, Indian Folk,
literature, and more.
BA 2nd yearNutrition for the Community, Operation Research, History of Urdu
Language and Literature.
MA Political ScienceIGNOU syllabus can be understood and the program imparts an in-depth knowledge at par with the current situation and is very helpful for making a career in various fields.
MA HistoryWorld history, Indian history, aspects of ancient India,
Modern India, and more.

The IGNOU Exam Pattern 2022 Conclusion :

IGNOU syllabus can be understood and the program imparts an in-depth knowledge at par with the current situation and is very helpful for making a career in various fields.

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IGNOU Syllabus 2022 – FAQ

Can two degrees be pursued at a time from IGNOU?

Yes, two-degree courses can be done together.

Is an Email address necessary to fill out an online application form?

Yes, it is required

How can the Programme fee be paid?

It can be paid through credit/ debit card or net banking.

Where to contact after submitting the form?

The University will inform you of further procedures.

Where to Download IGNOU Syllabus?

To download IGNOU Syllabus visit our website IGNOUSarathi.Com

How to Download IGNOU Syllabus?

All the steps to download IGNOU Syllabus are mentioned in this article.

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