IGNOU Control Number, Usage and Recovery Procedure

IGNOU Control Number

IGNOU Control Number, Usage and Recovery Procedure. Difference between IGNOU Enrolment number and IGNOU control number

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IGNOU Control Number 2023

A question asked by every new candidate who gets admitted to IGNOU University.

What is IGNOU Control Number?

Every candidate who registers himself for any of the courses gets the IGNOU Control Number.

IGNOU Control Number by Admission

The candidate gets the IGNOU Control Number by the following process:

  • Step1: Visit the IGNOU University official website:
  • https://ignou.ac.in/
  • Step2: Candidate fills in personal details
  • Step3: Then selects the course for which he wants to enrol.
  • Step4: The candidate has to pay the fees for the course.
  • Step5: The candidate receives a mail from the IGNOU university with an 11-digit number in it.

After paying the fees and admission is confirmed the University sends an 11-digit number to your registered email id. This 10-digit number is the IGNOU control Number. This IGNOU control number by enrolment confirms that your admission for the IGNOU course has been confirmed.

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IGNOU Control Number Usage

The IGNOU Control Number is useful in the following ways:

  • After receiving the control number from the IGNOU, you can login on IGNOU site by filling in the control number to confirm IGNOU admission status. If the admission is confirmed then you can get the status of your admission on the screen. If your admission is confirmed then you can start your studies but if it is not confirmed then the candidate may have to wait for a few days and check it again.
  • Control number helps you to get your user id and password and IGNOU Enrolment Number.

IGNOU Control no. is valid till the candidate gets his IGNOU enrolment number.

How to recover IGNOU Control Number

What if a candidate has forgotten the control number issued by IGNOU?

If a candidate forgets his control number, then it becomes difficult for him. In order to solve the problem, the candidate should send an email to IGNOU University. The mail should be sent to registrarsrd@ignou.ac.in

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Difference between Enrollment Number and Control Number received from IGNOU

IGNOU Control Number is just like a transaction number. The number is just a way to confirm your admission in the IGNOU course for which you have enrolled. IGNOU control Number is generated which is valid till the particular semester or exam for which the candidate has registered. The IGNOU control number can change every time a candidate makes a new payment.

The candidate gets their IGNOU enrolment number which is candidate’s identification number in IGNOU. IGNOU enrolment number is important for all the activities. IT remains the same throughout the time you are pursuing your course at IGNOU. It can be used to give your exams, downloads, books, and results, rechecking.

So the control number issued by IGNOU may change while the IGNOU enrollment number will remain the same till the completion of the course.

So, there is a difference between control number and enrollment number. The control number issued by IGNOU is useful to check the admission status of the candidate in the course applied for.

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What is IGNOU Control Number

Every candidate who registers himself with IGNOU for any course gets a control number

Where can the candidate get his control number issued by IGNOU

Candidates can get the control number from the mail sent by IGNOU on their registered email id

Is the control number and enrollment number issued by IGNOU same?

The control number and enrollment number issued by IGNOU are different

What can a candidate do if he has forgotten his IGNOU Control Number

If a candidate has forgotten the control number issued by IGNOU, he can write an email to registrarsrd@ignou.ac.in.

Can a different IGNOU Content Number be generated

Yes, with every new payment or any new TEE Exam payment you register a new IGNOU Content Number is generated

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