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What is the Scope After Graduation from IGNOU

What next? Which institute should I join if I want to learn in distance education and do my job?

The best answer to this is Indira Gandhi National University. It is one of the largest open universities, established in 1985.

IGNOU Overview

Name of UniversityThe Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Name of Programmes All UG / PG Courses
IGNOU Websiteignou.ac.in
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Why Graduation from IGNOU

Companies all over the world today recognize the degrees attained from Distance Education. The education imparted by IGNOU is of top quality. Companies from around the world have recognized the development in the students who have achieved education from IGNOU. Companies around the world are hiring the students of IGNOU.

Which companies would employ IGNOU candidates

The companies of the Private sector in and outside the country are offering jobs to the students who have completed their Graduation and Post-Graduation from IGNOU.

IGNOU Syllabus – Latest and Revised Exam Pattern

Can a Student of IGNOU apply for a Government Job

The student of IGNOU has the right to pass to appear in the competitive exams conducted by the Government of India. The UPSC, IBPS, SBI, Bank Exam, Stenographer etc.

What is the Uniqueness of the course offered by IGNOU

The IGNOU courses are designed with rigorous analysis. These courses are keeping in with the latest trends in educational and market development.

The student of IGNOU cannot just leave any portion of the course. The student has to go through every section of the course. This makes the student equivalent to the students studying from regular college.

Apart from studying the latest courses, the university believes in giving real experience to the students. The candidate who is studying at IGNOU has to prepare projects where he or she has to analyze the market and get the latest reports. This gives a practical approach to the student. So the student is nowhere behind the student completing graduation from a regular college.

Recruitment Drive organised by IGNOU and Companies from Outside

As the other big colleges have a recruitment drive running on their campus, in the same way, IGNOU also offers recruitment opportunities to its students. IGNOU organizes a Recruitment drive and the students can apply for the post at different positions in the university. The candidates are selected for jobs in the IGNOU university or are also selected for working in the regional offices of IGNOU.

Apart from that as the level of education is good, so the big companies from different fields come to the IGNOU campus and hire the students. Big companies such as INFOSYS, Mahindra various Banks and other fields come and organize a recruitment drive and hire many students of IGNOU.

So intending to continuously update itself IGNOU promises to hand over a great future to the students. The students have a bright future to be either hired by private companies to get selected for a government job or get the opportunity to work in a foreign country.

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Can a candidate do an IGNOU course from a foreign country

Yes, a candidate from a foreign country can do a course over here.

Can a candidate with a degree in IGNOU apply to a foreign company

Yes, the person who has a degree from IGNOU can apply and get a job from a foreign company.

Is the project submission necessary in IGNOU and why is it important

Yes, the project submission is necessary for IGNOU and it is important as it gives the practical knowledge and application of the course to the candidate.

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