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IGNOU DECE 4 Project Submission Link

IGNOU DECE 4 Project: DECE is the course offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (DECE) is the course offered by the IGNOU. The DECE-4 Project submission is very important for the students pursuing this course.

DECE-4 is the project submission that the student has to submit along with the theoretical paper, assignments, and practical paper. It makes the students experience all the aspects of theoretical and practical aspects associated with education. 

IGNOU DECE 4 Project Submission Overview

Name of UniversityThe Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Name of Programmes DECE
IGNOU DECE 4 Project Submission Last Date31 May, 2024
IGNOU Websiteignou.ac.in
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IGNOU DECE-4 Project

The DECE-4 project of the students gives exposure to students about organizing a childcare service center, other childcare services, and setting up preschool. Moreover, the children can have a conversation with the course editor. This facility gives an added advantage to the student that gives them a way to learn, organize, and clear their doubts. 

These video programs moreover help the students to learn to manage the preschool. It teaches them the ways to engage the kids through stories, and different activities that can be done with toddlers that may make them very happy. The course even teaches them how by making different types of games and play materials kids can be taught.

DECE-4 Project of IGNOU

The video presented by IGNOU becomes the base for the students. The projects have to prepare the project based on the audio and video programs offered by the university.

IGNOU Syllabus – Latest and Revised Exam Pattern

IGNOU DECE 4 Project Guidelines

The students are given the guidelines and instructions according to which they have to prepare the project DECE-4.

  • Students have to spend 30 days in a playschool. While spending the period in the school carry out the manual activities according to the guidelines offered by the IGNOU university.
  • Students have to prepare an activity plan. Then the students have to write a report on the activity plan. The activity has to be based on the project manual offered by the university.
  • The written document should be prepared for DECE-4. In the project, the details of the activity plan and the reports should be enclosed. 
  • Every student is put under the guide. The student has to do all the projects and activities under the guidance of a guide. 
  • The student can approach the Counsellor if he or she is not comfortable with the guide. 
  • After the project is completed, the student has to submit it to the guide. The guide evaluates the project on the spot then he has to get it evaluated by the principal of the school. Then the student has to get it evaluated from the Women’s Education Unit of IGNOU. 

Way to submit IGNOU DECE 4 Project

After the project is evaluated by the guide and the principal of the respective school. After the primary evaluation is completed the student needs to submit the project on the IGNOU DECE page. 

The first step of the submission of the project starts with the registration process. The process of registration is 

  • Step1: Go to the page: https://dece22.ignouonline.ac.in/Dec2024/
  • Step 2: This link is a direct submission page. Clicking the above address takes you to the Register option. 
  • Step 3: Then the Registration page opens. On this registration page, you need to fill in the details. The details are the enrolment number, email, mobile number, and your name.
  • Step 4: A password needs to be set up for the login.
  • Step 5: Then you need to upload the front face photo. You even need to upload the IGNOU I Card.
  • Step 6: Then the guidelines appear on the screen. After reading the guidelines press on the Accept button. 
  • Step 7: You need to submit the details for registration.

After Registration student needs to log in. If you are a registered candidate, then you need to log in. 

  • Step1: You need to go to https://dece22.ignouonline.ac.in/Dec2024/
  • Step 2: On this login page, type your username and password.
  • Step 3: After filling in your user name and password press the submit button. 
  • Step 4: Than on the next screen you can submit your project.

IGNOU DECE 4 Project Submission Link

IGNOU DECE 4 Project Submission Link (Soon)
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Can a student upload a DECE-4 project without the sign of the guide

No, a student cannot upload a DECE-4 project without the sign of the guide.

Where does the student need to upload the DECE-4 project online

The student needs to upload the DECE- 4 project at https://dece22.ignouonline.ac.in/Dec2024/

Can a student support only the activity plan without its execution report in the DECE-4 project

No, the student needs to submit both the activity plan and its execution report in the DECE-4 project.

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