About This Programme:

The aim of the Master’s Degree in Public Administration is to provide comprehensive knowledge to the learners on the nature of public administration in India in the globalization context with focus on the role of the State, Public Sector and Public Private Interface. The growing role of Civil Society groups, human resources, e-governance and Public systems management will be the central focus. The


Bachelor’s Degree or a higher degree from a recognised University

Total Fees:

Rs. 13,200/- for full programme 


Minimum 2 years and Maximum 5 years; offered in both January and July cycle of admission.

Medium of Instruction:

English and Hindi

Programme Co-ordinator(s):

Prof. E. Vayunandan, [email protected], Ph. 9810333831 Prof. Alka Dhameja, [email protected], Ph. 9811101033


1st Year:

  • MPA 11 – State, Society and Public Administration
  • MPA 12 – Administrative Theory
  • MPA 13 – Public Systems Management
  • MPA 14 – Human Resource Management
  • 2nd Year:
  • MPA 15 – Public Policy and Analysis
  • MPA 16 – Decentralisation and Local Governance
  • MPA 17 – Electronic Governance
  • MPA 18 – Disaster Management
  • MSO 2 – Research Methodologies and Methods
  • MPS 3 – India : Democracy and Development
  • MPAP 2 – Project Work