PG Diploma SS


About This Programme:

The PGDSS programme mainly focuses on the genesis and principles of sustainable development, its tools, implementation and assessment strategies in a holistic way. The major objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide opportunity to the learners to deepen their knowledge and understanding about sustainable development and the principles of sustainability science.
  • To expand capacities of learners on various theoretical and practical aspects of sustainable development.
  • To develop professional knowledge and skills in formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development projects and programmes.
  • PGDSS holders will be fully equipped to serve various Government and NGOs dealing with environment, development and livelihood improvements. Fresh graduates who complete this Diploma will be the potential candidates suitable for employment at the grassroots, supervisory and other middle level positions in Environment and Development sector. The programme also strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of in-service personnel working in Government and Non-Government Organizations, Private or Corporate sectors and handling various sustainable development projects and programmes viz., Employees of the Institutes/NGOs, Private or Corporate sectors working in various Sustainable Development projects; Programme Officers, Project Officers, Research Investigators, and Research Assistants dealing with environment and development issues in various International and National Organizations.


Any Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised University / Institute.

Total Fees:

Rs.6,200/- for full programme.


Minimum 1 years and Maximum 2 years; offered in both January and July cycle of admission.

Medium of Instruction:


Programme Co-ordinator(s):



  • MSD-11 Sustainability Science
  • MSD-12 Ecosystem and Natural Resources
  • MSD-13 Socio-Cultural System
  • MSD-14 Ecological Economics
  • MSD-15 Institutions, Governance and Policies
  • MSD-16 Strategies and Models for Sustainability
  • MSD-17 Challenges to Sustainable Development
  • MSDP-18 Project


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