PG Diploma DM


About This Programme:

The major objectives of the programme are to: 

1)Provide comprehensive knowledge to the learners on disaster preparedness, mitigation and rehabilitation. 

2)Enable the learners to carry out risk assessment and vulnerability analysis.

3) Generate community awareness, and strengthen institutional mechanism for community mobilisation and participation in disaster management.

4) Develop communication skills for disaster preparedness. 

5)Create greater awareness about effective disaster response in various emergency situations. 

6)Equip learners with tools for meeting emergency medical requirements.

7) Incorporate gender sensitive disaster management approach; and

8) Inculcate new skills and sharpen existingskills ofgovernment officials, voluntary activists,development professionals and elected representatives for effective disaster management.


Graduate in any discipline

Total Fees:

Rs. 6,300/- for full programme


Minimum 1  years and Maximum 2 years; offered in both January and July cycle of admission.

Medium of Instruction:

English and Hindi

Programme Co-ordinator(s):

Prof. Uma Medury,,Ph. 011-29572741 Dr. Dolly Mathew,,Ph. 011-29572728


  • MPA 1 – Understanding Natural Disasters
  • MPA 2 – Understanding Man-made Disasters
  • MPA 3 – Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis
  • MPA 4 – Disaster Preparedness
  • MPA 5 – Disaster Response
  • MPA 6 – Disaster Medicine
  • MPA 7 – Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Recovery
  • MPAP 1 – Project Work


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