About This Programme:

The M.Sc. Programme in the area of Dietetics and Food Service Management has been developed with a view to address the needs of training work force/developing manpower (dietitians, nutrition counsellors, food service managers etc.) for the emerging employment sector (hospital/community dietetics, food service management). The programme will offer unique opportunity of higher education to learners to enrich their working lives by entering into the market and/or starting their own food service unit, leading to entrepreneurship


B.Sc. (Home Science) specialization in Food and Nutrition, Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition or PG Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition or Graduate (B.Sc.) or equivalent (MBBS, BHHS etc) from the following background – Home Science/ Food Science and Technology, Life Science, Microbiology Medical, Pharmaceutical, Catering along with the DNHE or CNCC or CFN offered by IGNOU (Simultaneous admission for CFN/CNCC is also permitted).

Total Fees:

Rs. 32,400/- for full programme


Minimum 2 years and Maximum 5 years; offered in both January and July cycle of admission.

Medium of Instruction:


Programme Co-ordinator(s):

Prof. Deeksha Kapur, [email protected] Ph. 011-29536347, 29572960


  • MFN 1 – Applied Physiology
  • MFN 2
  • MFNL 2 – Nutritional Biochemistry
  • MFN 3
  • MFNL 3 – Food Safety and Food Microbiology
  • MFN 4
  • MFNL 4 – Advance Nutrition
  • MFN 5
  • MFNL 5 – Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition
  • MFN 6
  • MFNL 6 – Public Nutrition
  • MFN 7
  • MFNL 7 – Entrepreneurship and Food Service Management
  • MFN 8
  • MFNL 8 – Principles of Food Science
  • MFN 9 – Research Methods and Biostatistics
  • MFN 10 – Understanding Computer Applications
  • MFNP 11 – Internship Programme
  • MFNP 12 – Dissertation