About This Programme:

The programme is likely to be of interest to academics and researchers; trainers, facilitators, supervisors; staff of organizations working in the area of gender and development; government personnel; personnel working in banks and financial institutions. Development policies and practices have a differential impact on women and men. This necessitates an understanding of the “gender gap” in access to resources, privileges, entitlements and choices. Consensus has evolved around the need to explore the “gender gap” in key development sectors and how this gap can be bridged. There is now greater emphasis on mainstreaming gender perspectives into the development process.


Bachelor’s Degree or a higher degree from a recognized University.

Total Fees:

Rs. 10,800/- for full programme 


Minimum 2 years and Maximum 5 years; offered in both January and July cycle of admission.

Medium of Instruction:

English and Hindi

Programme Co-ordinator(s):

Prof. Annu J. Thomas,, Ph. 011-29571614 Prof. Savita Singh,, Ph. 011-29571613


1st Year:

  • MGS 1 – Gender and Development: Concepts, Approaches and Strategies
  • MGS 2 – Gender, Development Goals and Praxis
  • MGS 3 – Gender Analysis
  • MGS 4 – Gender-Sensitive Planning and Policy Making
  • MGS 5 – Research Methodologies in Gender and Development Studies
  • MGSP 1 – Internship-I / Field based Research Project-I

2nd Year:

  • MGSP 2 – Internship-II / Field based Research Project-II
  • MGSE 1 – Gender Planning and Development Policies
  • MGSE 2 – Gender Audit and Gender Budgeting
  • MGSE 3 – Gender Mainstreaming
  • MGSE 4 – Gender Issues in Agriculture, Rural Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management
  • MGSE 6 – Gender, Resources and Entitlements
  • MGSE 7 – Gender, Organization and Leadership
  • MGSE 9 – Gender Issues in Work, Employment and Productivity
  • MGSE 10 – Gender and Entrepreneurship Development
  • MGSE 13 – Gender Training and Empowerment
  • MGSE 20 – Gender and Financial Inclusion


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