About This Programme:

This programme has been developed with the support of APEDA, GoI.


Chemical fertilizers and pesticides rob the soil health, life, and vitality and thus produce crops that lack balanced nutrition. These crops further contain residues of the poisonous chemicals that disrupt the health of human. Now emphasis is being laid on organic agriculture which primarily depends on the On-farm resources and maintains the farm biodiversity for sustaining the production in long run without use of chemicals.



12th pass or its equivalent

Total Fees:

Rs.4,800/- for full programme


Minimum 6 Months and Maximum 2 years; offered in both January and July cycle of admission.

Medium of Instruction:

                                                                                                                          ENGLISH HINDI

Programme Co-ordinator(s):

Dr. S.K Yadav,, Ph. 011-29573088


  • BAP 1 – Introduction to Organic Farming
  • BAPI 1 – Organic Production System
  • BAPI 2 – Inspection and Certification of Organic Produce
  • BAPI 3 – Economics and Marketing of Organic Produce

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