About This Programme:

There is always an increasing demand for the honey across the world. Most of the honey is being collected from the wild resources (forest) and a limited population is engaged to rear the bees. Due to less technical knowledge and poor infrastructure, the honey production is less. A great potential exists in this area, when this unorganized sector can be established into an organized one for the betterment of the society.


8 th Pass or Professional Beekeepers

Total Fees:

Rs.1,400/- for full programme


Minimum 6 Months and Maximum 2  years; offered in both January and July cycle of admission.

Medium of Instruction:

English and Hindi

Programme Co-ordinator(s):

Dr. S.K. Yadav, Ph. 011-29573088


  • OAPI 11 – Introduction to Beekeeping
  • OAPI 12 – Management of Honey Bee Colonies
  • OAPI 13 – Hive Products and Economics of Beekeeping

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