About This Programme:

The concern for bio-medical waste management has been felt globally with indiscriminate disposal of health care waste and the rise in deadly infections such as AIDS, Hepatitis-B. The need to educate different health care professionals/ workers about health care waste management is thus very important. To cater to the needs of these health care professionals, the School of Health Sciences, IGNOU and WHO, SEARO have developed a Certificate Programme in Health Care Waste Management in the South-East Asia Region Countries.


 Minimum of 10+2 qualification

Total Fees:

Rs.2,700/- for full  programme.


Minimum 6 Months  and Maximum 1 years; offered in both January and July cycle of admission.

Medium of Instruction:


Programme Co-ordinator(s):

: Dr. Ruchika Kuba,, Ph. 011-29572813


Compulsory Courses:

  • BHM 101 – Fundamentals: Environment and Health, Health Care Waste Management Regulations
  • BHM 102 – Health Care Waste Management : Concepts, Technologies and Training

Optional Courses (Choose any two):

  • BHME 101 – Inter-relationship between Health and Environment
  • BHME 102 – Worker Safety and Patient Safety
  • BHME 103 – Current Status of Health Care Waste Management and Legislation in the Regional Countries
  • BHME 104 – Managerial and Systems Approach
  • BHME 105 – Special Considerations of Waste Management
  • BHME 106 – Administrative and Legal Aspects of Waste Management
  • BHMP 101 – Project
  • BHML 101 – Workshop

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