BAPSH IGNOU Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Political Science Check full details of eligibility, fee structure, payment method, syllabus and download hall ticket and solved assignment.

IGNOU BAPSH Program Detailed Information

Indira Gandhi Open University has launched the Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Political Science programme. The thrust of the course is on familiarising candidates with political processes and structures in comparative perspective and the evolution of international relations and politics. Public administration and public policy in India are also explored.

Elective courses seek to enhance understanding of different theories and processes at global, regional, national, and sub-national/state politics and provide scope to specialize in one of the sub-disciplines of Political Science. The course covers even approaches to a political theory like Marxist, Feminist, and Post-modern. The candidate is even exposed to democracy and related concepts like representation, accountability, participation, dissent, and citizenship.

IGNOU BAPSH Course 2024 Brief Summary

Name of University:The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Name of Programmes:Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Political Science
IGNOU BAPSH Course Duration:Minimum: 3 years | Maximum: 6 years
Both in the January and July session.
IGNOU BAPSH Medium of Instruction:English and Hindi
BAEGH BAPSH Programme Mode:Open Distance Learning
Programme Co-Ordinator(s):Prof. SV Reddy,
Email:, 011-29572745
IGNOU Official
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IGNOU Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Political Science Eligibility Criteria

IGNOU BAPSH Admission Qualification Criteria :  10+2 or its equivalent from a recognized Board/ University

IGNOU BAPSH Fee Structure

No.IGNOU Fees StructureAmount
1.Total FeeRs. 9,600/-
2.Fee Per YearRs. 3,200/-
3.Registration FeeRs. 200/-

IGNOU BA (BAPSH) Political Science Syllabus Details

IGNOU BA Political Science Course Syllabus 1st Semester :

  • BPSC 101 – Understanding Political Theory
  • BPSC 102 – Constitutional Development and Democracy in India
  • BEVAE 181 – Environmental Studies
  • BSOG 171 – Indian Society: Images and Realities

IGNOU BA Political Science Course Syllabus 2nd Semester :

  • BPSC 103 – Political Theory-Concepts and Debates
  • BPSC 104 – Political Process in India
  • BGDG 172 – Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture
  • BEGAE 182 – English Communication Skills
  • BHDAE 182 – Hindi Bhasha Aur Samprashanas

IGNOU BA Political Science Course Syllabus 3rd Semester :

  • BPSC 105 – Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics
  • BPAC 101 – Perspectives on Public Administration
  • BANS 183 – Tourism Anthropology
  • BSOG 173 – Rethinking Development
  • BPSC 107 – Perspectives on International Relations and World History

IGNOU BA Political Science Course Syllabus 4th Semester :

  • BPSC 109 – Political Processes and Institutions in Comparative Perspective
  • BPAC 108 – Public Policy and Administration in India
  • BSOS 184 – Techniques of Ethnographic Film Making
  • BPAG 174 – Sustainable Development
  • BPSC 110 – Global Politics

IGNOU BA Political Science Course Syllabus 5th Semester :

  • BPSC 111 – Classical Political Philosophy
  • BPSC 112 – Indian Political Thought-I
  • BPSE 141 – Gandhi and the Contemporary World
  • BPSE 143 – India’s Foreign Policy in a Globalising World
  • BPSE 145 – Democracy and Development in Northeast India

IGNOU BA Political Science Course Syllabus 6th Semester :

  • BPSC 113 – Modern Political Philosophy
  • BPSC 114 – Indian Political Thought-II
  • BPSE 142 – State Politics in India
  • BPSE 144 – Introduction to South Asia
  • BPSE 146 – Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

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Is BAPSH course available in Hindi

Yes, it is available in Hindi and English.

Does IGNOU support students in getting jobs

Yes, it does. The CPC cell of IGNOU supports the students to get jobs

Does BAPSH course help in IAS exams

Political Science is a popular optional subject for IAS exams and this course helps a lot.

Is BAPSH Course yearly or semester wise

BAPSH is a yearly course.

Are the courses done in IGNOU valid for UPSC or any other government exams

The course of IGNOU is valid for UPSC and other government exams